Addition of parallel compression "pigz" in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7


  • Would like to request that the parallel implementation of gzip - [pigz] be considered for inclusion in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

  • The parallel implementation provides a considerable performance improvement over gzip during compression, while maintaining backwards compatibility.


  • Red Hat Engineering team was aware about this Feature request for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 through Bug 1392306

  • However with release of 'Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7' on August 6, 2019 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 entered Maintenance Support 1 Phase.

  • This means only 'Critical and Important Security errata advisories (RHSAs) and Urgent Priority Bug Fix errata advisories (RHBAs) may be released`.

  • This Feature Enhancement, did not meet Maintenance Support 1 Phase criteria and was closed WONTFIX.

  • Currently, Customers can test pigz package on their server by configuring EPEL Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux repository.

Root Cause

  • Component
  • rpm

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