Subscription Information Wrong Or Missing In Satellite 6 Web User Interface

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  • Red Hat Satellite 6


  • The number of consumed subscriptions listed in Red Hat Satellite's Content --> Red Hat Subscriptions web user interface (web UI) differs from what is actually known to be used.
  • Whole subscriptions are missing from the Content --> Red Hat Subscriptions web UI, yet appear after searching against some criteria (for example, contract = 12345678) or in the command line output of hammer subscription list --organization-id X.  (Where X is one's organization ID number.)


  • Create a backup of your Red Hat Satellite Server.

  • Execute the below command on Red Hat Satellite Server and check to see if the issue is fixed.

    # foreman-rake katello:reimport
  • If the issue is not fixed, then check for the stale/orphaned entries using the below command.

    # foreman-rake katello:clean_backend_objects
  • If the output of the above commands shows any number of orphaned consumer then remove them using below command.

    # foreman-rake katello:clean_backend_objects COMMIT=true
  • If the issue is still not fixed, please open a support case.

Root Cause

  • Discrepancy between the web UI and the database.

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