Using negation in "Match" conditional blocks in sshd_config

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6


OpenSSH in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 allows the use of conditional blocks in the sshd_config configuration file. If the initiated connection criteria match the expression of the Match conditional block, then the configuration options in that block would apply.
How to use negation in Match expressions?


To use negation in Match conditional blocks, the expression needs to be preceded by a *. For instance, given the following section in the bottom of sshd_config:

Match Group *,!admin Address
  ForceCommand /bin/false

This would deny connections from to anyone who is not in the admin group. The connection denial is achieved using the ForceCommand statement which instructs the sshd server to run a dummy command (/bin/false) and exit immediately.

Root Cause

The cause of this non-intuitive behaviour is dependent on the implementation of negation in OpenSSH.

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