Minimum and maximum bandwidth for the Spice protocol over WAN

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Spice (QXL) display


  • What should be the minimum and maximum bandwidth required for the Spice protocol over a WAN connection?


  • The Spice bandwidth utilization depends on the workload.
  • Usually the following bandwidth and latency minimums are suggested for the Spice protocol over WAN based on the workload:

    i)  Basic office work - should be 150Kbps and up to 200msec latency. 
    ii) Video/multimedia work - should be 500Kbps-1Mbps and up to 100msec latency.
  • On the User Portal, it is possible to also enable the "Spice WAN optimization" feature which can help on networks with higher latency. This feature is only available for Windows guests at the time of this writing. However, a Request for Feature Enhancement (RFE) has been opened to add this functionality to Linux guests as well. The RFE is being tracked in Red Hat Bug 1195889. For more information or to also request this feature, please open a case with Red Hat Support1.

Note: These are the design goals but a lot depends on what constitutes "basic office work" and "video/multi-media". The best way is to do a proof of concept and figure out if it works for the specific usage profile/WAN profile.

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