What are the yum equivalents of up2date and rpm common tasks on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6
  • yum
  • up2date


  • What are the yum equivalents of up2date and rpm common tasks?


  • The following table lists up2date and rpm commands used on earlier versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and their yum equivalents for use on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


up2date command

yum command

Check for and update all RPM(S)

up2date -u

yum update

Check for and update specified RPM(s)

up2date -u <package> [<package>...]

yum update <package> [<package>...]

Install the specified RPM(s)

up2date -i <package> [<package>...]

yum install <package> [<package>...]

Remove the specified RPM(s) and it's dependents

rpm -e <package> [<package>...]

yum remove <package> [<package>...]

Search for packages by name

up2date --showall | grep "<search string>"

yum list "<regex>" ["<regex>"...]

List all packages which could be updated

up2date -l

yum list updates ["<regex>"...]

List all available packages

up2date --show-available

yum list available ["<regex>"...]

List all installed packages

rpm -qa

yum list installed ["<regex>"...]

List all installed and available packages

up2date --showall

yum list all ["<regex>"...]

Update packages in a group

up2date -u "@<group name>"

yum groupupdate "<group name>" ["<group name>"]

Install all the default packages by group

up2date "@<group name>"

yum groupinstall "<group name>" ["<group name>"]

Remove all packages in a group

not possible

yum groupremove "<group name>" ["<group name>"]

List available package groups

up2date --show-groups

yum grouplist

Install local packages solving and satisfying dependencies as needed

up2date -k <dir>[:<dir>...]

yum localinstall <path/filename> [<path/filename>]

Install package of specified architecture

up2date --arch=<arch> <package> [<package>...]

yum install <package>.<arch> [<package>.<arch>...]

Show all packages not available via subscribed channels or repositories

up2date --show-orphans

yum list extras

List all channels the system is currently subscribed to

up2date --show-channels

echo "repo list" | yum shell

List packages that satisfy dependency(ies)

up2date --whatprovides=<dependency>[,<dependency>...]

yum whatprovides <dependency> [<dependency>...]

Register a system to RHN hosted/satellite

up2date --register


  • More information about yum and up2date , please see the man pages,
    # man yum
    # man up2date

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