Is 802.1q tagged VLAN support available in RHEL kickstart?

Updated 2014-01-30T10:53:08+00:00


  • Does Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5/6 support IEEE 802.1Q tagged VLANs in kickstart ? If so how to do it ?

  • Some possible implementations using anaconda: 

    • A new "vlanid" parameter that can be entered at the boot prompt to specify the VLAN ID used for tagging traffic on the specified interface during kickstart, i.e.:
boot> linux nofb ks=nfs: ksdevice=eth0 vlanid=123 ip= netmask gateway=
  • A new "--vlanid" parameter for the "network" command used in a kickstart file,specifying the VLAN ID that will be used for tagging on the installed system:
network --hostname --device eth0 --vlanid 123 --bootproto static --ip --netmask --gateway 


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6

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