Subscription Requirements for Red Hat Single Sign-On (RH-SSO)

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  • Does Red Hat Single Sign-On(Red Hat SSO or RH-SSO) require a separate subscription?
  • Which subscriptions do I need to use Red Hat Single Sign-On?
  • What is JBoss Core Services Collection and does it need additional subscription?
  • Do I need an OpenShift separate subscription for the RH-SSO image for OpenShift?
  • Does JBoss Middleware subscription alone cover support for using the RH-SSO image for OpenShift?


  • Red Hat Single Sign-On (RH-SSO) does not have its own SKU (Stock Keeping Unit); hence one can't buy an RH-SSO subscription directly. RH-SSO is built on top of the JBoss EAP platform and leverages it extensively (JTA, JAX-RS, JPA, Infinispan, etc...).

  • Red Hat Single Sign-On is part of the Red Hat JBoss Core Services Collection, which provides components that increase the value of JBoss Middleware products by enhancing manageability, security, scalability, and interoperability..
    All entitled users (customers) of JBoss Middleware products, with the exception of users (customers) exclusively entitled to JBoss Web Server, are entitled to JBoss Core Services.
    See the Red Hat JBoss Core Services datasheet and FAQ for additional information.

  • If you already have a valid/active JBoss Middleware support contract for one of the JBoss Middleware products (i.e. JBoss EAP, Data Grid, Fuse, Process Automation Manager, or any of the Middleware bundles such as Red Hat Runtimes, Red Hat Integration or Red Hat Process Automation), then you already have support for RH-SSO as it is covered under the JBoss Core Services Collection. Each JBoss Middleware product, except JBoss Web Server, comes with support for RH-SSO automatically without any additional cost.

  • If you are not already a JBoss Middleware customer, then you can buy a subscription to one of the JBoss Middleware products as RH-SSO does not have its own SKU. For example, you can purchase online a subscription for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) or for Red Hat Runtimes, which include support for RH-SSO, or you can also contact Red Hat Sales if you are interested in something more comprehensive or need more information.

  • The Red Hat Single Sign-On (RH-SSO) for OpenShift image from the Red Hat Container Catalog registry, is only supported to run on Openshift. It is the only RH-SSO image that is productized/released, and it is an image that is designed to be used in OpenShift.
    A valid/active OpenShift subscription entitlement is required for receiving support on this image from Red Hat. It is not necessary to buy an additional JBoss Middleware subscription in addition to an active OpenShift subscription to receiving support for the RH-SSO for OpenShift image. However, having only a valid/active JBoss subscription entitlement (like for EAP or for the Middleware bundles) does not cover Openshift itself. Although the RH-SSO container image must be run on OpenShift, it can be used to protect any application, regardless of where it runs or whether or not it is based on Red Hat Middleware.
    Refer to Red Hat OpenShift sizing and subscription guide that provides a description of the subscription model for Red Hat® OpenShift Container Platform.

  • Red Hat does not produce any standard Docker image for RH-SSO. The source for the RH-SSO container image is for building the standalone image that is only used internally as a base for the productized and supported OpenShift image. It is also based on some other intermediate images which are not released publicly either.
    So, for those customers that still want to use and run RH-SSO in a containerized image environment, but without having an Openshift subscription (or not willing to buy a new OpenShift subscription from Red Hat), or even perhaps not looking to run such RH-SSO image on OpenShift environment, then they will have to build their own custom container images from scratch using the ZIP distribution of RH-SSO software downloads. This should also work and those customers will be supported for specific RH-SSO related issues as long as they have a valid/active JBoss Middleware support contract and that the custom container image is built with the RH-SSO software being used on a supported JVM/OS combination as per the Red Hat Single Sign-On Supported Configurations.
    But, it is to be noted that those customers will still own the creation and maintenance of such a custom container image. Red Hat treats custom built images as custom software and will not provide support for the resulting images themselves, but rather support on the JBoss Middleware products included as part of the images. Refer to How are JBoss Products supported when used in container images for furthermore details.

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