Which version of JBoss EAP corresponds to which community JBoss AS / WildFly

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  • Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
    • 8.x
    • 7.x
    • 6.x
    • 5.x
    • 4.x


  • Which versions correspond to which community releases?
  • What is the exact version of the JBoss Application Server / AS / jboss.org / wildfly.org version that matches a particular patch of JBoss EAP?
  • Difference between JBoss EAP and community JBoss / WildFly with regard to security/stability


The following JBoss EAP versions are based on these WildFly versions.

There are no current versions of JBoss EAP which are based on WildFly 8 and 9.

JBoss EAP Version WildFly Version
8.0 28
7.4 23
7.3 18
7.2 14
7.1 11
7.0 10

The following JBoss EAP versions were based on these JBoss AS / jboss.org versions.

JBoss EAP Version JBoss AS Version
6.4 (EOL) 7.5
6.3 (EOL) 7.4
6.2 (EOL) 7.3
6.1 (EOL) 7.2
6.0 (EOL) 7.1.2
5.2.0 (EOL) 5.2.0
5.1.2 (EOL) 5.1.0
5.1.1 (EOL) 5.1.0
5.1.0 (EOL) 5.1.0
5.0 (EOL) 5.1.0
4.3 (EOL) 4.2.1
4.2 (EOL) 4.2.0

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Root Cause

Technically, there is no version of JBoss EAP that corresponds exactly to any version of JBoss AS (i.e. community release) or WildFly. JBoss EAP is maintained in an independent source code branch. Bugs are fixed in the current upstream community versions first but are often back-ported to earlier JBoss EAP releases in patches to provide Enterprise customers with consistent and stable software. WildFly was formerly known as JBoss AS.

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