lvcreate/lvextend fails with "device-mapper: reload ioctl failed: Invalid argument" in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

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  • lvextend fails after adding additional space with pvresize.
  • After editing partition table with fdisk, lvm tools dont work complaing about the device too small for target.
  • parted/fdisk editing partition tables doesn't update device-mapper tables.
  • pvresize reports pv's being resized but does not resize the pv to the size of the partition.
  • After adding additional space to the block device used by lvm, I can't lvextend.
  • Need help with resizing root on a grown virtual disk (vmware virtual host).
  • After Increasing the size of disk from vmware server side, size is reflected in guest "fdisk -l". Now to extend pv, "pvresize -v --setphysicalvolumesize" is executed and went fine. But lvextend fails.
  • Device is not reflecting increased size after increasing in VMWare and lvextend fails with:

    kernel: device-mapper: table: 253:11: sdb1 too small for target: start=125831168, len=62906368, dev_size=125837312
  • lvcreate fails with the below error.

    device-mapper: resume ioctl on (major:minor) failed: Invalid argument
    Unable to resume vgname-lvname (major:minor)
    Failed to activate new LV


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL); including:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 (RHEL4)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5)
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (RHEL6)
  • Storage block device that can be resized/appended to:
    • Commonly virtualized environments including VMWare, but could also apply to bare-metal systems with SAN-based volumes
  • LVM2 managed storage

    • Physical Volume (LVM PV) is on a partition rather than being directly on the device (/dev/sdb1 in this example):
    # pvs
        Scanning for physical volume names
      PV         VG         Fmt  Attr PSize  PFree  DevSize PV UUID
      /dev/sdb1  VolGroup00 lvm2 a--  90.00g 37.00g  60.00g lt5jBc-JE70-hlbn-yFtg-CZ5l-mD2c-twu9xj
    • The LVM PV has been grown using pvresize --setphysicalvolumesize <size> instead of letting pvresize automatically detect the new size of the device (above, DevSize is 60g but PSize is 90g, indicating device is smaller than LVM metadata thinks it is)

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