The importance of the Red Hat (Customer Portal) login

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  • Red Hat Customer Portal
  • Red Hat Network (RHN)


  • What is Red Hat login?
  • What is Red Hat Customer Portal login?
  • What is RHN login?
  • What is Red Hat login used for? Why do I need it?
  • Where can I get Red Hat login?


1.  A Red Hat login (previously referred to as a RHN login) is an online user account used to access information provided by Red Hat Customer Portal and various other Red Hat customer web sites.

2.  A Red Hat login enables you to:

  • Purchase capabilities and faster checkout on the store

  • Access to the knowledgebase, white papers, webcasts and product information

If you activate a subscription number with your Red Hat login, you can:

  • Access updates, errata and maintenance capabilities via Red Hat Customer Portal via Red Hat Subscription Management and Red Hat Network

  • Access Red Hat technical support

It's necessary to check whether your subscription is activated and whether you have a Red Hat login.

If you receive a subscription number with your Red Hat order, you may still need to activate your subscription to associate it with your Red Hat login and gain access to Red Hat Network. If you purchase the subscription from our web store then the subscription is pre-activated.

3.  If you do not have a Red Hat login and you have not yet activated your subscription, you will be guided through Red Hat login creation during activation:

If you need to create a Red Hat login for someone in your organization, please follow the instructions here: How do I create a new user for my organization to access Red Hat Customer Portal or Red Hat Network (RHN)?

If you did not receive a subscription number upon fulfillment of your Red Hat order:

  • Your subscription was activated for you and there is an existing Red Hat login associated with your subscription. If you are unable to locate your login, please complete our lost login form to recover your login.

  • Your subscription was activated for you but you need to associate a new Red Hat login with your subscription. You should have received an email from Red Hat with instructions on how to proceed. If you cannot locate this email, please contact Customer Service for assistance.

If you forgot your Red Hat login or are having trouble logging in, please refer to the following help page:

For any other assistance with your Red Hat login, please contact Customer Service

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