Does Red Hat have something similar to Microsoft Service Packs?

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4


I have Red Hat Enterprise Linux and I get all these emails about these updated packages. Is there any way that I can get a CD from Red Hat with all these updates on it so I do not have to go through updating them one by one?


Red Hat offers all updates using Red Hat Network (RHN) and up2date. We also include bundles of errata in an ISO image identified by an Update #. Basically, you can download the ISO image(s) and obtain many updated RPMs from our Update bundles. See additional articles in the Knowledgebase on how to download these Updates.

First you need to register your system with RHN. Then you can receive all of the updates via up2date. To do this you can either click on the red exclamation mark at the bottom right on your screen if you are running a Graphical User Interface, like GNOME or KDE, or by typing the following commands in either a terminal window or console.

Note: After your system is registered with RHN, up2date can download and install the packages your system needs to be on the most current package version for your installed version.

To register your system with RHN:

# up2date --register

To list all updates:

# up2date -l

To download and install all updates:

# up2date -u

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