Is it possible to connect a server with a HotRod client which have a different JDG version?

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  • Is it possible to use HotRod clients with different versions then the JDG server?
  • Is it possible to migrate the JDG server without updating the clients at the same time?
  • Is it possible to connect to a JDG server which is a different version than the HotRod client?
  • Are old HotRod clients compatible with newer server versions?
  • Are new HodRod clients able to connect to older JDG server versions?
  • Client shows an error if cache is accessed
Exception in thread "main" org.infinispan.client.hotrod.exceptions.HotRodClientException:Request for message id[2] returned server error (status=0x85): scala.MatchError: 20 (of class java.lang.Byte)
    at org.infinispan.client.hotrod.impl.protocol.Codec20.checkForErrorsInResponseStatus(
    at org.infinispan.client.hotrod.impl.protocol.Codec20.readPartialHeader(
    at org.infinispan.client.hotrod.impl.protocol.Codec20.readHeader(
  • Server logfile show an error if a client is accessing the cache
ERROR [org.infinispan.server.hotrod.HotRodDecoder] (HotRodServerWorker-16) ISPN005003: Exception reported: org.infinispan.server.hotrod.RequestParsingException: Unable to parse header
    at org.infinispan.server.hotrod.HotRodDecoder.readHeader(HotRodDecoder.scala:94) [infinispan-server-hotrod-5.2.4.Final-redhat-1.jar:5.2.4.Final-redhat-1]
    at org.infinispan.server.hotrod.HotRodDecoder.readHeader(HotRodDecoder.scala:45) [infinispan-server-hotrod-5.2.4.Final-redhat-1.jar:5.2.4.Final-redhat-1]
    at org.infinispan.server.core.AbstractProtocolDecoder.decodeHeader(AbstractProtocolDecoder.scala:94) [infinispan-server-core-5.2.4.Final-redhat-1.jar:5.2.4.Final-redhat-1]
Caused by: org.infinispan.server.hotrod.UnknownVersionException: Unknown version:20
    at org.infinispan.server.hotrod.HotRodDecoder.readHeader(HotRodDecoder.scala:80) [infinispan-server-hotrod-5.2.4.Final-redhat-1.jar:5.2.4.Final-redhat-1]
    ... 22 more
ERROR [org.infinispan.server.hotrod.HotRodDecoder] (HotRodServerWorker-16) ISPN005009: Unexpected error before any request parameters read: scala.MatchError: 20 (of class java.lang.Byte)


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