How to contact Red Hat Partner Support?

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  • Red Hat Customer portal
  • Business Partner Portal
  • Technology Partner Portal


  • How to find a Red Hat Partner Support contact point


  • Red Hat Partners will have to contact the Red Hat Partner Desks for questions on Red Hat partner opportunities or information on the Red Hat Product Portfolio. Depending on the type of engagement or questions you as a partner might have please choose one of the following paths to seek support:

Product Support For technical support pertaining to any Red Hat Products (configuration, installation, bug etc.) visit the Red Hat customer portal and open a support case

Technology Partners: Contact the Technology Partner Success Desk If you are a technology partner and are using our products and technologies to build and certify for, support, and/or to interoperate with our platforms and have questions pertaining to Red Hat offerings, partner programs, product certification, engagement process, etc. use the Technology Partner Success Desk web form to ask questions

Business Partners: If you are a business partner and have questions pertaining to the Business Partner Portal or business partner programs please reach out to the email addresses mentioned for business partners on this page.

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