NFS mounts do not honor the 'intr' or 'nointr' mount options in RHEL 6 and later

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, 7, 8, 9
  • NFS mounts using mount options hard,intr


  • NFS mounts do not honor the intr or nointr mount options in RHEL6 and later.


  • The intr mount option has been deprecated. A snippet from the man (man nfs) page detailing this change can be found below.
    RHEL 6:
The intr / nointr mount option is deprecated after 
kernel 2.6.25. Only SIGKILL can interrupt a pending 
NFS operation on these kernels, and if specified, 
this mount option is ignored to provide backwards 
compatibility with older kernels.

RHEL 7, 8, 9:

intr / nointr  This option is provided for backward compatibility.  It is ignored after kernel 2.6.25.
  • Hung NFS operations may be able to be killed by issuing a SIGKILL interrupt by killing the process inflicting the hung response:
 # kill -9 <process>

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