How to unregister/delete a system from inventory?

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  • Red Hat Satellite
  • Insights-client


  • How to unregister/delete a system registered to inventory?


There are multiple ways to unregister/delete a system profile from the Inventory

Procedure 1: Using insights-client command itself

# insights-client --unregister

Procedure 2: From Red Hat Satellite 6 UI

  • Login to Satellite webui
  • Navigate to Insights -> Inventory
  • Select system profiles which need to be unregistered
  • Click on Actions -> Unregister

Procedure 3: Using UI

  • Login to
  • Click on Cloud Management Services or Red Hat Insights
  • Click on Inventory
  • Locate the host to be removed and click on the vertical ellipse to the end of the row then click on Delete.
  • Follow any additional steps that are provided as prompted

Procedure 4: Using API call.

#for i in `curl -s -u uesrname:password | grep -o '"id":"[^"]*' | grep -o '[^"]*$'` ; do curl -u username:password -X DELETE$i -H  "accept: */*" ; done

username:password - Red Hat access portal credentials 

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Hi, from new Insights portal available at is not anymore possible to select a system and unregister it.

Hi Michele, it is "in the works" ... the Remove/Unregister option will be available in the web interface soon. :)


Works perfectly ... I removed non-existing hosts which I had unregistered before Insights moved to by using the API method.

Thank you for the validation and feedback!

You're welcome, Kathryn ! :)