How to list the latest available RHEL images on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on AWS


  • How to list the latest available RHEL Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)


Use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) to list available RHEL images. The following example shows --query and --filters options you can use to list RHEL 8 images available on AWS in the us-east-1 region. Modify the values in the example command to list the images you want to see. For example, you can replace Values-RHEL-8* with Values-RHEL-7.?*GA* or Values-RHEL-6.?*GA* to list RHEL 7 or RHEL 6 images.

Note: Do not modify the command option --owners 309956199498. This is the account ID used to show Red Hat images. If you need to list images for AWS GovCloud, use --region us-gov-west-1 and --owners 219670896067. See What Is AWS GovCloud (US)? for additional information.


[ec2-user@localhost ~]$ aws ec2 describe-images --owners 309956199498 --query 'sort_by(Images, &CreationDate)[*].[CreationDate,Name,ImageId]' --filters "Name=name,Values=RHEL-8*" --region us-east-1 --output table ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | DescribeImages | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+------------------------+ | 2018-11-13T20:57:02.000Z | RHEL-8.0_HVM_BETA-20181113-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2 | ami-0246ade505622f05f | | 2018-11-13T20:57:06.000Z | RHEL-8.0_HVM_BETA-20181113-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2 | ami-0551d2acb56d6e88c | | 2019-01-17T19:14:33.000Z | RHEL-8.0.0_HVM_BETA-20190117-arm64-0-Hourly2-GP2 | ami-000fad81e1625ffac | | 2019-04-26T19:35:07.000Z | RHEL-8.0.0_HVM-20190426-arm64-1-Hourly2-GP2 | ami-07bd28c96286169fa | | 2019-04-26T19:54:13.000Z | RHEL-8.0.0_HVM-20190426-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2 | ami-0729967d6d95d8317 | | 2019-04-26T19:54:17.000Z | RHEL-8.0.0_HVM-20190426-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2 | ami-098bb5d92c8886ca1 | | 2019-05-20T21:40:52.000Z | RHEL-8.0.0_HVM-20190520-arm64-1-Hourly2-GP2 | ami-091634f5d851e52c2 | | 2019-05-20T21:55:31.000Z | RHEL-8.0.0_HVM-20190520-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2 | ami-0d974127e3c693470 | | 2019-05-20T21:55:33.000Z | RHEL-8.0.0_HVM-20190520-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2 | ami-043fbed28a389c721 | +---------------------------+----------------------------------------------------+------------------------+

Note: JBoss EAP AMIs like RHEL-7.4_HVM_GA-JBEAP-7.1.0-20171204-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2 included in following are marked deprecated since JBoss EAP 7.2.0. Please refer to DEPLOYING JBOSS EAP ON AMAZON WEB SERVICES for more information.

[ec2-user@localhost ~]$ aws ec2 describe-images --owners 309956199498 --query 'sort_by(Images, &CreationDate)[*].[CreationDate,Name,ImageId]' --filters "Name=name,Values=RHEL-7.?*GA*" --region us-east-1 --output table

|                                                    DescribeImages                                                     |
|  2014-05-28T19:16:58.000Z|  RHEL-7.0_GA_HVM-x86_64-3-Access2                                |  ami-645bae0c           |
|  2014-05-28T19:17:11.000Z|  RHEL-7.0_GA_HVM-x86_64-3-Hourly2                                |  ami-785bae10           |
|  2014-10-17T20:29:05.000Z|  RHEL-7.0_HVM_GA-20141017-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-d2d369ba           |
|  2014-10-17T20:29:24.000Z|  RHEL-7.0_HVM_GA-20141017-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-a8d369c0           |
|  2015-02-09T22:54:38.000Z|  RHEL-7.0_HVM_GA-20150209-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-6ea1e806           |
|  2015-02-09T22:54:40.000Z|  RHEL-7.0_HVM_GA-20150209-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-60a1e808           |
|  2015-02-20T15:33:32.000Z|  RHEL-7.1_HVM_GA-Atomic-20150219-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2            |  ami-46a4f52e           |
|  2015-02-25T20:24:21.000Z|  RHEL-7.1_HVM_GA-20150225-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-10663b78           |
|  2015-02-25T20:24:23.000Z|  RHEL-7.1_HVM_GA-20150225-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-12663b7a           |
|  2015-04-14T16:05:15.000Z|  RHEL-7.1.1_HVM_GA-Atomic-20150414-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2          |  ami-eea69e86           |
|  2015-11-12T21:06:49.000Z|  RHEL-7.2_HVM_GA-20151112-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-2a532b40           |
|  2015-11-12T21:06:58.000Z|  RHEL-7.2_HVM_GA-20151112-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-2051294a           |
|  2016-07-14T20:24:48.000Z|  RHEL-7.2_HVM_GA-JBEAP-7.0.0-20160714-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2       |  ami-6445c773           |
|  2016-10-26T22:32:26.000Z|  RHEL-7.3_HVM_GA-20161026-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-a33668b4           |
|  2016-10-26T22:32:29.000Z|  RHEL-7.3_HVM_GA-20161026-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-b63769a1           |
|  2017-07-24T15:44:37.000Z|  RHEL-7.4_HVM_GA-20170724-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-fbc89880           |
|  2017-07-24T15:44:39.000Z|  RHEL-7.4_HVM_GA-20170724-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-cdc999b6           |
|  2017-08-08T15:37:28.000Z|  RHEL-7.4_HVM_GA-20170808-x86_64-2-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-7a96b801           |
|  2017-08-08T15:37:31.000Z|  RHEL-7.4_HVM_GA-20170808-x86_64-2-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-c998b6b2           |
|  2017-08-15T22:54:27.000Z|  RHEL-7.3_HVM_GA-JBEAP-7.1.0.Beta-20170703-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2  |  ami-94ebd8ef           |
|  2017-12-04T20:35:27.000Z|  RHEL-7.4_HVM_GA-JBEAP-7.1.0-20171204-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2       |  ami-a4791ede           |
|  2018-03-23T20:42:07.000Z|  RHEL-7.5_HVM_GA-20180322-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-0d70a070           |
|  2018-03-23T20:42:08.000Z|  RHEL-7.5_HVM_GA-20180322-x86_64-1-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-6871a115           |
|  2018-06-29T14:13:13.000Z|  RHEL-7.5_HVM_GA-JBEAP-7.1.2-20180629-x86_64-1-Access2-GP2       |  ami-6408521b           |
|  2018-10-17T13:13:35.000Z|  RHEL-7.6_HVM_GA-20181017-x86_64-0-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-06fd194eff2ab1451  |
|  2018-10-17T13:13:44.000Z|  RHEL-7.6_HVM_GA-20181017-x86_64-0-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-011b3ccf1bd6db744  |
|  2018-11-22T23:42:05.000Z|  RHEL-7.6_HVM_GA-20181122-arm64-0-Hourly2-GP2                    |  ami-0e3688b4a755ad736  |
|  2019-01-28T16:48:05.000Z|  RHEL-7.6_HVM_GA-20190128-x86_64-0-Hourly2-GP2                   |  ami-000db10762d0c4c05  |
|  2019-01-28T16:48:07.000Z|  RHEL-7.6_HVM_GA-20190128-x86_64-0-Access2-GP2                   |  ami-0240b09539b9692a0  |

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This seems kind of sloppy. What if someone else makes an AMI publicly available that has "redhat-cloud" in the name? And why force ec2-describe-images to enumerate all public AMIs of every possible type just to grep out the few of interest? I suspect you want something more like this, where you first filter only the AMIs that Red Hat owns. Also the owner ID for your current images seems different now than your example. According to Red Hat’s information in the AWS Marketplace shouldn’t it be 309956199498, not 432018295444?

Thus you probably want something like this to show only Red Hat’s publicly-available AMIs, and you could add filters to restrict further to just the images of interest:

ec2-describe-images --headers --filter 'owner-id=309956199498'

sorry, I meant
ec2-describe-images --headers --filter 'owner-id=309956199498'
not owner-id=432018295444. If you run the command this article recommends, you get a small handful of images (paravirtual only, no hvm) which appear to be owned by 432018295444, whoever that is. The images Amazon and Red Hat now advertise for official Red Hat images seem to have owner ID 309956199498, so I assume that is you?

Yeah, I've now found an AWS discussion form post from C. Morgan of Red Hat which appears to confirm 309956199498 is the right owner-id now for Red Hat images:

For the ec2-api-tools version, the proper syntax is 'ec2-describe-images -o 309956199498'

should this be updated, Redhat is no longer putting GA in name of AMI with kernal updates

Is there a different owner to use within the GovCloud region?

Hi Kelly,

The solution has been updated with the GovCloud owner ID. Apologies for the long wait. I did not see this comment until recently.


Thanks. Just a note, I think you meant AWS GovCloud with region set to us-gov-west-1, and not "Azure Government Cloud" as that is the Microsoft cloud.

Dang. Thanks. I got my clouds confused there. I've corrected this.

One more. --region us-gov-west-1

Thanks Kelly. Corrected. I would chalk this up to a case of the Mondays, but I started this last week, so, no excuses. Thanks for your help on this. Much appreciated.