How is the docker container runtime supported in RHEL 7?

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  • Is the docker container runtime supported in RHEL 7?
  • How is the docker container runtime supported in RHEL 7?


Is a docker containerized environment fully supported in the RHEL 7?

Yes. Red Hat supports all docker-formatted container images that Red Hat ships.
For docker-formatted container images in the community that are based on other free Linux distributions (which customers may have used to build their based images), Red Hat does not support the content of the images themselves.

What is the support policy for containers on RHEL 7?

Please see the Red Hat Container Support Policy for detailed information on how Red Hat supports the docker container runtime.

What docker components are supported or unsupported on RHEL 7?

Component Support Status Notes
container runtime (docker, runc) Fully Supported Must use the docker, docker-latest, or runc packages from RHEL Extras
docker-compose No Support docker-compose is not directly supported, however containers spawned via compose using Red Hat images are supported
docker-machine No Support No support is provided for docker-machine
docker swarm Limited Support Single node only. See Red Hat's Container Orchestration Policy

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