How to remove cluster nodes from the Ceph/RHCS Calamari interface?

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  • Red Hat Ceph Storage 1.2.3


  • How to remove cluster nodes from the Calamari interface?
  • Calamari cannot remove bad hosts/nodes automatically.


NOTE: These steps are to remove the cluster nodes from the Calamari monitoring interface, not from the Cluster. The below steps just remove the nodes from being monitored by Calamari

  • Open http://{calamari-fqdn}/api/v2/server/{problematic-host-fqdn}

  • Clicking the red colored 'Delete' button in the upper-right corner will help delete the node in question.

Root Cause

  • There can be many reasons a Ceph cluster node has to be removed from the Calamari interface.

  • For instance, removing a problematic host from the cluster doesn't automatically make Calamari remove it from its monitoring list. In such cases, manually removing the host from the Calamari interface is the only way.

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