Is a DBMS required for JBoss BRMS 6?

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Red Hat JBoss BRMS (BRMS) 6.x


  • Is a database required for JBoss BRMS 6?
  • How to setup persistence for BRMS 6 ?


A DBMS is required if Business Central is used. The BRMS WEB application called Business Central requires a datasource configured to deploy successfully in an application server. Such datasource is used every time that a project is built by Business Central (the information is stored in the table DeploymentStore). Others features like Managed Repository eventually will also require a database configured to store data.

By default Business Central is shipped with an example datasource configured to store information in a H2 database. Such datasource and database are pre-configured only as a sample and they aren't recommended for production environments.

Red Hat recommends only those listed at certified databases for production purpose.

The CHAPTER 3. PERSISTENCE SETUPS in BRMS Installation Guide describes how to change H2 to another database and datasource.

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