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subscription-manager: Why am I unable to download some content (like FasTrack) or getting 'too many content sets for certificate' error?

Updated 2014-01-29T17:08:37+00:00


  • Unable to download certain packages (like FasTrack) when using subscription manager
  • Got error 'Too many content sets for certificate. A newer client may be available to address this problem.'
  • The Red Hat Network Tools(rhn-tools) repository is not available on RHEL 5/6.
  • Not able to attach some subscriptions (such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux Academic Site Subscription (Server, Desktop, Workstation, POWER)), or above a number of subscriptions, to Subscription Asset Management Organization


  • Red Hat Subscription Manager on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 to 5.9 or 6.1 to 6.4
  • Red Hat Customer Portal / Subscription Asset Management (SAM) Organization, SAM versions 1.2 and earlier

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