Red Hat Developer Hub Support Policy


Red Hat offers services for each major release of Red Hat Developer Hub with designated support policies. This article outlines the support policies relevant to Red Hat Developer Hub applicable to a base entitlement.


Red Hat Developer Hub will be supported subject to the Red Hat Production Scope of Coverage, Service Level Agreement and Red Hat Developer Hub Life Cycle.

In practice, this means that Red Hat will assist a customer with the setup and administration of Red Hat Developer Hub, including its deployment and configuration as well as other documented administrative-type tasks.

Red Hat Developer Hub Support for bundled community plugins

As part of the Red Hat Developer Hub (RHDH) bundle, Red Hat provides a select number of community plugins, available for customers to configure and enable. These included community plugins are augmented by Red Hat to be dynamic plugin capable, and are provided with support scoped per Technical Preview terms.

Inclusion of community, dynamically capable plugins is provided as a customer convenience for the 1.0 release of Red Hat Developer Hub. The longer term product roadmap is focused on the continued development of the capability for dynamic plugins with Developer Hub, but will not include the bundling of dynamic, community plugins. Customers will eventually have the opportunity to pick and choose available dynamic plugins from a wider ecosystem of certified Developer Hub plugins or community plugins with dynamic plugin capabilities.

As part of Developer Hub product readiness, Red Hat carries out integration testing to validate basic functionality of community plugins, and provides the required documentation for initial configuration. Red Hat does not provide support for features or functionality of community plugins thereafter, for any issues which are not configuration or integration with Red Hat Developer Hub, customers should expect to report these to their respective upstream projects.

For the 1.0 release of Red Hat Developer Hub, the included plugins are listed in the Dynamic Plugins section of documentation.

Use of Red Hat Developer Hub Plugins with upstream

Red Hat Developer Hub Plugins are tested, qualified, and supported exclusively on Red Hat Developer Hub and a Red Hat container stack. Use of Developer Hub Plugins with or any other downstream variant are not documented or compatibility tested by Red Hat at release. Red Hat Developer Hub entitled customers are permitted to install Developer Hub Plugins for non-Developer Hub environments, Red Hat will provide commercially reasonable support to isolate issues. It is the customers responsibility to ensure the following criteria are met:

  • Sufficient Red Hat Developer Hub entitlements to cover all users of the platform
  • Plugins are installed on version of which is equivalent to the upstream version used in Red Hat Developer Hub
  • Version of Plugins are actively maintained per the Developer Hub release bundle as part of the Red Hat Developer Hub life cycle

Per the third-party hardware and software policy, Red Hat provides commercially-reasonable support to isolate issues. Customers may be asked to replicate their issue on a deployment of Red Hat Developer Hub. For scenarios where it is suspected that issues are caused by the use of non-Red Hat components or the underlying platform, customers will be expected to open a case with any other relevant vendors directly. More information can be found in the third-party support policy.