Retired: This application is now retired.

Linter for Dockerfile

Updated -

This application allows you to check basic dockerfile syntax and also allows you to check that a dockerfile follows best practices according to a selected profile. A profile defines the set of rules that a file is checked against.

Editing functionality is also provided within the application to enable you to quickly correct errors and generate a new file.


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I have a question. Who is the owner of this page? Can I get a contact to him? My mail is

Sorry Petr. I am currently managing this. My email is

How about word wrap after I click "INSERT INSTRUCTION" and select an Instruction?

why is this called Linter?

It hearkens back to the original lint program from the late 1970s:

ARG instruction is being marked as invalid!

Backend for the app has been updated to latest docker spec, and should now accept 'ARG' instruction.

Work is still in progress to add 'ARG' to the editor instruction drop down.

I like this nifty tool a lot. Dispite the fact, that it marks lines with "deb" as errors (which may be true from the RH point of view ;-) ), it helped me to discover several typos and some unfinished commands within a second and prevented me from unneccessary trouble-shooting.

I would like to have this tool on my laptop, as an application / tool / thing.

Are there any release dates in sight? :-D

Cheers Thorsten

In my docker file (, it trapped a comment (line 91) as an error, and a variable declaration (line 120) as well. What was used for the linting? This?