5.2. Improved patch declaration

5.2.1. En option, numérotation automatique des patchs et des sources

The Patch: and Source: tags without a number are now automatically numbered based on the order in which they are listed.

The numbering is run internally by the rpmbuild utility starting from the last manually numbered entry, or 0 if there is no such entry.

Par exemple :

Patch: one.patch
Patch: another.patch
Patch: yet-another.patch

5.2.2. %patchlist et %sourcelist sections

It is now possible to list patch and source files without preceding each item with the respective Patch: and Source: tags by using the newly added %patchlist and %sourcelist sections.

For example, the following entries:

Patch0: one.patch
Patch1: another.patch
Patch2: yet-another.patch

can now be replaced with:


5.2.3.  topatch accepte désormais les plages de correctifs

The %autopatch macro now accepts the -m and -M parameters to limit the minimum and maximum patch number to apply, respectively:

  • The -m parameter specifies the patch number (inclusive) to start at when applying patches.
  • The -M parameter specifies the patch number (inclusive) to stop at when applying patches.

This feature can be useful when an action needs to be performed in between certain patch sets.