3.8. Creating a new SPEC file with rpmdev-newspec

The following procedure shows how to create a SPEC file for each of the three aforementioned Hello World! programs using the rpmdev-newspec utility.


  1. Change to the ~/rpmbuild/SPECS directory and use the rpmdev-newspec utility:

    $ cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
    $ rpmdev-newspec bello
    bello.spec created; type minimal, rpm version >= 4.11.
    $ rpmdev-newspec cello
    cello.spec created; type minimal, rpm version >= 4.11.
    $ rpmdev-newspec pello
    pello.spec created; type minimal, rpm version >= 4.11.

    The ~/rpmbuild/SPECS/ directory now contains three SPEC files named bello.spec, cello.spec, and pello.spec.

  2. Examine the files:

    The directives in the files represent those described in What is a SPEC file.

In the following sections, you will populate particular section in the output files of rpmdev-newspec.


The rpmdev-newspec utility does not use guidelines or conventions specific to any particular Linux distribution. However, this document targets Red Hat Enterprise Linux, so the %{buildroot} notation is preferred over the $RPM_BUILD_ROOT notation when referencing RPM’s Buildroot for consistency with all other defined or provided macros throughout the SPEC file.