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A Red Hat training course is available for RHEL 8

Chapter 20. Containers

A set of container images is available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. Notable changes include:

  • Docker is not included in RHEL 8.0. For working with containers, use the podman, buildah, skopeo, and runc tools.

    For information about these tools and on using containers in RHEL 8, see Building, running, and managing containers.

  • The podman tool has been released as a fully supported feature.

    The podman tool manages pods, container images, and containers on a single node. It is built on the libpod library, which enables management of containers and groups of containers, called pods.

    To learn how to use podman, see Building, running, and managing containers.

  • In RHEL 8 GA, Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) are newly available. UBIs replace some of the images Red Hat previously provided, such as the standard and the minimal RHEL base images.

    Unlike older Red Hat images, UBIs are freely redistributable. This means they can be used in any environment and shared anywhere. You can use them even if you are not a Red Hat customer.

    For UBI documentation, see Building, running, and managing containers.

  • In RHEL 8 GA, additional container images are available that provide AppStream components, for which container images are distributed with Red Hat Software Collections in RHEL 7. All of these RHEL 8 images are based on the ubi8 base image.
  • Container images ARM for the 64-bit ARM architecture are fully supported in RHEL 8.
  • The rhel-tools container has been removed in RHEL 8. The sos and redhat-support-tool tools are provided in the support-tools container. System administrators can also use this image as a base for building system tools container image.
  • The support for rootless containers is available as a technology preview in RHEL 8.

    Rootless containers are containers that are created and managed by regular system users without administrative permissions.