New Portal features: Comments on documentation and profile additions

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Hi all,

I just wanted to give you a heads-up on a couple of interesting features we included in the most recent Customer Portal update.

Comments on documentation

As most users of this community will know, most content on this website - whether it's knowledgebase solutions, videos or technical articles - includes the ability for Red Hat subscribers to leave comments and discuss. You can provide feedback, ask questions, request improvements, or leave tips for other users. Up until now, this feature was missing from some of our most-used content: the product documentation itself. So, we're fixing that! Starting with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 Beta documentation which is available now, you'll be able to add comments to every section of the Red Hat docs. These comments will be reviewed by the authors and experts on our documentation team, so you can be sure that any time you reach out to us with a question on this content, you'll get the answer you need as quickly as possible.

Profile improvements

We're continuing to expand the information you can include in your Portal user profile and you'll find you can now add a bio, list the Red Hat software you have an interest in, and select the industry you work in. These are just the start of the improvements we're making to the Portal profile and you'll see more of these updates in coming releases, but feel free to start filling out your profile. Including more information will help to guide you to the resources you need and help you connect up with other Portal users who share your interests.

Let us know what you think

As always, if you have any feedback on Customer Portal features, you're welcome to leave it in the comments below, or start a new discussion.


That's an awesome idea; perhaps a way to facilitate more responsive feedback/update than what's provided through bugzilla.


I see a lot of "Un-verified Solution" articles in knowledge base which some times trigger confusion whether to follow that or not. I assume those articles are documented by Red Hat team, but why they are marked as "un-verified", if those are not perfect or still needs investigation then I'd feel it is better to remove them. I've included one such solution link here for reference:- how to install tcpping

If you look at the date of creation, it is more than a year old.

An unverified solution may still be fine to use - the "unverified" status just means it has been confirmed as the solution in fewer than three Red Hat support cases.

Thanks David.


When can we expect the comment feature to be rolled out to all documentation pages? Documentation feedback is something I am definitely looking forward to as it will assist in providing feedback/raise errata in the context of the original issue.

I have an issue with the following page and was hoping to use the comment feature but it isn't available:

Sadly it looks like this comment feature has gone backwards since this post and isn't included on any documentation pages anymore?

Where did the comment section go?
Red Hat's documentation publication system recently went through an upgrade to enable speedier, more mobile-friendly content. We decided to re-evaluate our commenting platform to ensure that it meets your expectations and serves as an optimal feedback mechanism. During this redesign, we invite your input on providing feedback on Red Hat documentation via the discussion platform. 


Will the star rating method be making a return any time soon? The redesign has done away with it, and the 'Was this helpful' feedback isn't presented to other users of the portal (ie. it doesn't add value to people searching/reading article/comments)

I recall adding some info to some documentation, and it was during an apparent beta deployment of this that was removed... I can't recall where I had made the addition anymore, but it sure seemed to be a good idea.

The star ratings won't return, but the "was this helpful" feedback will be expanded in visibility. You can already see a count of the upvotes to the left, under the thumbs-up icon.