Something strange going on with discussions?

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Is there something strange going on with discussion?

It seems old threads / discussions are being bumped to the top without new content.. not just a few either.. it seems pages of them are getting bumped to the top and displaying "updated X minutes ago".

It looks like the site has all of a sudden exploded with users, but when you open the discussions there is no new content.


I think it is working as expected - if there is a new comment or an edited existing comment, it will get a new time stamp.

I saw the same identical symptoms PixelDrift mentioned earlier today...

This is correct behavior. The business rule is that a discussion is more than just the topic. It's the participation via comments. This affects the update date which in return affects the sorting in the discussion list.

In this case there was no additional participation via comments and the comments hadn't been edited either. In total about 3 pages rolled to the front in the space of about half an hour.

Here is just one example, it says it was updated about 14 hours ago, but it was actually last updated 6+ days ago. No new activity, no new edits (my edit was days ago)

Erik, I saw the same symptoms Pixel described.

Thanks for the feedback, Remmele.

thank you and David too!

It seems the example provided was in fact updated by an internal associate. No comments were added, but some internal tags were appended to the topic.

Hi all,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As Erik mentioned above, these updates were generated when I changed some internal-facing metadata on the discussions, which I use to track the status of the threads (eg whether the issue has been resolved or not)

There's nothing to worry about here, though I do apologize for the notification spam. I updated a large number of discussions yesterday, and forgot to toggle notifications off for some of them.

Is it possible so that in future updates to hidden metadata don't affect the modified time on the discussion thread (ie. only modifications to the customer facing content changes the order of the customer facing pages)?

I wasn't so concerned about the email spam, but it has pushed conversation several pages back and the people who posted in the last couple of days are unlikely to receive further responses with their posts back on pages 3/4.