Sharing folders to a Windows 7 Virtual Guest in RHEL 6

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Hi all,

I'm running RHEL 6.5 and have a Windows 7 x86-64 SP1 Virtual Machine running using the Redhat virtualization manager.

I've created a bridged network and the VM can ping other machines on my network including the gateway (my router).

Other machines on my network can ping the VM and my host RHEL machine.

However, the VM cannot ping the host for some reason even though it can ping other machines on the network!

I have setup some samba shares on my host that I want the VM to map as a network drive which is the background to this.

If however, there is any way to share folders in the same manner as is possible using VMware Player then that would be preferable!

Many thanks for your help!


You've verified that the shares are mountable by systems other than the VM?

You've verified that the VM is able to access shares not hosted by the VM-server?

You've looked through both your Samba logs and generic system logs?

When you say "can't ping", what is the specific failure message you're seeing?

Many thanks for your reply.

I did verify that another system could mount the share so the host samba config was correct.

It was very strange that the VM could ping, other systems on my network but not the host! Also very strange that other systems could ping the host and the VM.

In the end I gave up and switched to Oralce VirtualBox. Everything worked perfectly out of the box and of course it includes the ability to share folders immediately. This was so complex to setup using the RedHat solution that I couldn't believe it!

Thanks again for your time.