How are you using RHEL 7 beta?

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I'm just curious how most people actually utilize RHEL 7.

For example:
* are you simply using RHEL 7 to see what changes are coming?
* Are you a software shop that needs to be ahead of the curve (or with the curve, I suppose)?
* Are you testing for a specific product that will be now included with RHEL 7?


I am a member of the ELRepo Project. We are preparing to provide our packages (kABI-tracking kmods) for RHEL 7.

I am using it to determine how much work is going to be involved in migrating build/lockdown scripts from RHEL6 to RHEL7.

Also going start building existing custom RPMs against it soon to see if dependencies etc. have changed.

Currently focus on how to deploy IPA(IdM), as Red Hat support IPA trust AD.

Focus on what all the changes are from RHEL6 to RHEL7.

SystemD, Grub2, Pacemaker and Biosdevname requires our internal automation and all the operating manuals to be adapted.