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Hello together,

i just have a "simple" question.

We have an enviroment with dev, prod and internet VMs.

They are all connected to our Satellite. When we publish and promote new Versions, the VMs get the new packages. We do this once a month.

But we would like to updatet our "internet VMs" daily.
Does this means, we need to publish and promote our "internet-content" view every day or is there a possible way to create a content view that doesnt have this "promote and publish" and just gets every day the newes packages?

Thank you!


There should be a 'Default Organization View' on your satellite which is updated (at least in the "Library" lifecyle environment) every time you sync your Red Hat repositories.

Assuming you have your Satellite configured to sync the Red Hat repos every day, setting the "internet VMs" to use the Default Organization View should meet your needs.

Hey where can i find this "Default Organization View"?

Under Content View i only have my own created ones and under Organisations also.

In Hots when i want to attach a vm to a different Lifecycle or Content View, i also only see the ones i created

Use "Legacy UI" which is a choice you get when you click the three dots menu when in a host overview.

Then, click the Content button and in the Content Host Content section, after you select Library under Lifecycle Environment you will be able to select "Default Organization View" under Content View.

hmm do you know if this was released at a later version of the Satellite?

Ah it worked. I found the buttons :)

Thank you very much!