LVM partitions and wrong storage space distribution

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dfHello everyone,

At first I would like to apologize if I created a copy of a topic which was similar or the same, but I couldn't find on the forum what I was looking for. I am junior admin, currently learning to RHCSA and I took over some machines in the company from the previous admin who left it.

On couple machines I have noticed weird (at least for me) storage pool distribution among different LVM partitions and I would like to grasp your opinion about it.

On the screenshot we can see that there is a VG called /dev/vg-app/ and LV /dev/vg-app/app, but from what I can understand, this LV is getting space from three different partitions? It is of course possible thanks to LVM's flexibility, but is that really safe?

If I was installing RHEL from the beginning I would rather have two virtual disks attached to the machine, one for system FS and the second for application FS and on those two I would create partitions, but in here the case is much different.

What is your opinion about it guys?

Thanks for answers and have a great day!