Full Support of RHEL 8.7

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We are seeking to migrate our RedHat to 8.7 however kindly advise does RHEL8.7 is still fully supported or it is out of support? If it is fully supported when it will end?



Hi Hussain,

For stable releases the latest minor point release is supported, and that - in case of RHEL 8 - is currently version 8.8 ...
Once RHEL 8.9 gets released, the supported version will be 8.9, so always keep your systems upgraded to the latest. :)


RHEL 8.7 is supported for technical support. You can open a support case with RHEL 8.7 and ask how to do things, solve problems, etc.

RHEL 8.7 is no longer supported for bugfix and security errata. There will never be an update to RHEL 8.7 minor release packages again.

RHEL 8 has moved on to 8.8 and will continue into 8.9.

In addition, the even-numbered minor releases (eg: 8.6, 8.6) are EUS releases so they do have a longer lifecycle for critical bug/security fixes and you can subscribe your system specifically to the channel for that release.

The RHEL lifecycle has these details and much more: