How to Configure Static LACP on RHEL

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Hi Everyone,

Hoping for your kind expertise on how to configure Static LACP on RHEL if the 2 ports on switch is configure with a trunk of static mode lacp?

The expectation is once the bonding is configure on the 2 ports that have been bonded,it should have a flow of traffic at the same time with a faster speed.

Here are the details below

1 eno1 = 10GB
1 eno2 = 10GB

bond0 = 20GB



As said in your previous two threads about this same topic, bonding does not necessarily behave like that, and it depends on your traffic and the configuration of the xmit_hash_policy bonding option.

I suggest you read the references I previously provided, and answer the questions I previously asked.

If you don't understand, that's fine, please ask questions saying what you are unclear about.

However, repeatedly asking the same question is unlikely to move this problem forward for you.