redhat EL6.5 firewall/route - crash shortly after restarting iptables

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We have recently built an edge firewall/route using RHEL6.5 (2.6.32-431.1.2.el6.x86_64) running on a Dell PowerEdge R610 (2x Xeon E5530, 12GB, Broadcom Quad port NIC). Network driver: bnx2: Broadcom NetXtreme II Gigabit Ethernet Driver bnx2 v2.2.3 (June 27, 2012)

We're using iptables/ip6tables (netfilter) for our firewall, and various other services such as radvd, dhcp and squid. It's handling about 100Mb/s and about 2500 devices at its peak. Conntrack is tracking about 30000 connections (/proc/sys/net/netfilter/nf_conntrack_count).

In 3 weeks we've experienced 4 crashes that have required a cold reboot. I've attached a screen shot of one of the crashes.

The Xeons in the server have a bug in them to do with returning from deep C states - I thought this was the problem initially. I've used intel_idle.max_cstate=1 grub.conf to stop deep c states being used.

However the server has just crashed again about 15 mins after I made changes to our iptables config and restarted the service. One of the previous crashed was prompted by a restart of iptables.

Can anyone suggest any avenues of investigation to solve this? I have to admit I'm not that experienced when it comes to investigating crashes on Linux!

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I've configure kdump on the server so hopefully next time it crashes I'll have a core dump to analyse!

Are there any known issues with iptables being restarted under load?

Hi Daniel,

Have you opened a Red Hat case?
Analysis a kdump crash "log" is not an easy job.

It might be a security issue too, to publish a kdump crash "log".

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Jan Gerrit