How could I get individual patches for RedHat Linux kernel?

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I'm studying patch validity for RedHat Linux kernel.

I would like to know there is any way to get individual patches for RedHat Linux kernel. Since RedHat Linux kernel's SRPM sometimes provides us with just one patched tarball, so I could not cut out a patch from tarball easily.

And I supposed that some patches are back ported from the newer upstream version to older RedHat Linux kernel. If my suppose is right, I also can not use upstream patch by referencing same title.

I know RedHat offers "Red Hat Code Browser" to see individual patches, but it is not appropriate for kernel's scrap & build experiment.

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"but it is not appropriate for kernel's scrap & build experiment"

Could you elaborate on this? You'd like to remove certain patch(es) and rebuild/test the kernel?

"Red Hat Code Browser" just only dislays a patch as HTML format and does not provides the functionality to download it as raw patch format.

I want to handle many patches. So, it is not ideal to copy&paste the content displayed on "Red at Code Browser" to files.

You can follow the CentOS Stream kernel package on GitLab:

All kernel development(*) happens there first, and is then moved downstream into RHEL.

You're right that sometimes patches can be applied cleanly like with git cherry-pick, but sometimes they require manual conflict resolution due to changes in upstream kernel vs RHEL kernel.

(* - as of RHEL 9, not including non-public security issues)

I appreciate your reply. I'll try GitLab.