jboss ajp connector max thread(EAP 7.0) High Severity!! max-threads count="10"

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Team we are facing frequently Jboss issue as Https request/App request getting failed.
Apache error:
[Sat Feb 18 12:42:17.023874 2023] [:error] [pid 13265] (104)Connection reset by peer: ajp_cping_cpong: apr_socket_recv failed  [Sat Feb 18 12:42:46.113796 2023] [proxy:error] [pid 13272] (111)Connection refused: AH00957: ajp: attempt to connect to (myrhb-mcjapp01vp) failedBoth were failing until restart of jboss appaserver . Till 2:30 PM

When I verified the setting in JBOSS connector thread I can find max thread number is very low . What is the optimal number can set for EAP 7.0?
Below is the current configuration.


Below is the current configuration.