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I am trying to perform image mirroring from https://quay.io/repository/openshift-release-dev/ocp-release?tab=tags to my Quay registry.

I need to mirror all image tags above 4.10 ocp version.

Here are the following details provided during image mirroring:

When I specify single tag like latest or any specific tag it works fine.
Issue is when I try to add custom tag patterns to mirror images from quay.io.

getting following error: attached

Need help in creating custom tag patterns which would mirror all ocp 4.10 and above versions.



In general you should use oc-mirror for that. You didn't actually attach anything to this discussion as it seems, e.g. what is your naming pattern?


Here is the error message when I try to mirror images from Quay UI. Error message: time="2022-11-21T16:09:14Z" level=fatal msg="Error parsing image name "docker://quay.io/openshift-release-dev/ocp-release:latest": reading manifest latest in quay.io/openshift-release-dev/ocp-release: manifest unknown: manifest unknown"

Does skopeo has any limitations on mirroring images? The error message was referring Latest tag which isn't mentioned in the tag pattern.

The naming patterns I used so far for image mirroring: 4.11.16-* 4.11.[16]* 4.12.0-rc.1-* 4.11.*

This is not a disconnected environment where I am trying to perform image mirroring. So, I was trying to come up with Image tag pattern that would mirror all of the ocp version images in one setup.

Can you guide on how can I achieve this?


Hi Daniel,

The Image sync is failing intermittently with following error and later syncing up after multiple attempts. Can you help me understand what could cause this failure?

Mirror of 4.9.52-s390x failure to repository test-akhil/ocp-release-mirror Source 'docker://quay.io/openshift-release-dev/ocp-release:4.9.52-s390x' failed to sync Copying blob sha256:a34261a4d9b72330ff3eb31f4a9ad5ed0626c6d1fd7e5ac5d1ed3a94875b3e00 Copying blob sha256:15795b670485f0936605f7bc0b78bf323d9fba368baf34f6aaa2b2ef9884775a Copying blob sha256:35eb552b615c711eee4fca837303022bd6de55e9615b24e924e78a6bfe2a07ed Copying blob sha256:1e6abf732675d6d1e89db04dc43c08e82554c6b1aa0a3eb3a2b5181038e9d275 Copying blob sha256:761ddd82f4665aa7e0e05669b1960d9a497cbe687b69ffe9ce72a1db5200b997 Copying blob sha256:8a168a4c2d6dce43df6728564f6a0de07df323d77983ffc34738ec91a9d0b5a8 time="2022-11-23T18:42:32Z" level=fatal msg="writing blob: uploading layer chunked: blob upload invalid: blob upload invalid"


This sounds like a problem writing those layered to Quay. You should open a support case for this.

Will do, when we perform oc adm release mirror for disconnected cluster, we get 100's of images being pushed to quay/mirror registry.


OCP_RELEASE=4.9.51 LOCAL_REGISTRY='quay-registry-quay-openshift-operators.apps.akhil.io:8443 LOCAL_REPOSITORY=a/openshift4 PRODUCT_REPO=openshift-release-dev RELEASE_NAME=ocp-release ARCHITECTURE=x86_64 PULL_SECRET=/opt/admin/openshift/quay/pull-secret.json


info: Mirroring 141 images to our local registry.

But if I want to perform Image mirroring from the Quay UI, I am not able to perform all 141 images but instead I can only see the ocp version architecture Image inside quay.io which is 4.9.51-x86_64.

Can you tell me if its possible or not possible to achieve this from Quay UI?


No, this is not possible via the Quay UI or other mirroring tools like skopeo. An OCP release is more than just the release image that you mentioned, e.g. 4.9.51-x86_64

Inside that image there is a lot of metadata and references around all the images that are required to run the core OpenShift Platform, around 140 of them in total. You need oc mirror or the older tool oc adm release mirror to get this index image and the related core images copied over. This is documented here: https://docs.openshift.com/container-platform/4.11/installing/disconnected_install/installing-mirroring-disconnected.html

Thanks for that Information Daniel :)