Client query to get possible releasever values from Satellite

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When selecting "Content -> Sync Status" in our organization's Red Hat Satellite, under the product "Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86_64" I can see that repositories have been enabled for the following product versions: 8, 8.1, 8.2, 8.4, 8.5, and 8.6. These correspond to the possible "$releasever" values that a user might have installed on their system, and which appear in their yum configuration files. From a client system, how can I discover this list of values from the Satellite? I would also like to do it independent of the platform of the client; for example, knowing that "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 for Power, little endian" exists how can I discover from a x86_64 client that our Satellite has repositories enabled for this product and what their "$releasever" values are?


The subscription-manager release --list command shows this from the client. However, the list is filtered (on the client) to only values which are applicable to the client. (That is, it only shows values which both match the client's OS version and assigned content view)

I am curious, what is your use-case for seeing releaseversions that don't match a client's running RHEL version.