Fresh install; patches applied. No sound output.

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I installed RH9. I have updated the OS w/ latest patches.
I have rebooted.
There is no sound from the speakers.
output device is grayed out. test does nothing.
before the new OS went in, the settings-->sound would show the HDMI
and SPDIF. I can only use the HDMI (only want HDMI?).

lspsi output; pulseaudio --dump-conf output in attached file.



I've just repeated this experiment on a different machine with the same results. No sound, the HDMI audio output isn't found.

if i install a completely stock workstation configuration, that works. if i go to my original custom kickstart package list and try to fill in the missing packages, it does not work.

I now discover that root cannot access the sound devices but civilians can. I hate this idea. The package question is moot -- it's not that the packages are different.

Well, just saw this after an year. I have similar problem and performed this which fixed the sound issue for me.

  • yum update
  • yum install soundtouch-devel
  • reboot

No match for argument: soundtouch-devel Error: Unable to find a match: soundtouch-devel

yum install alsa-sof-firmware & reboot helped to resolve the issue on my side.

It worked also for me like a charm ! I installed fresh red hat 9.0 iso and lost the sound, but now I have it again ! Many thanks !