example module.config to create a kmod rpm by ddiskit

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Hi everyone

I am running RHEL9 from VM and want to create kmod rpm using ddiskit

I am new to ddiskit and editing the module.config is kind of overwhelming for me. So I am wondering if someone can share an example config with me together with the src/drivers code and Makefile. That way I can get an idea how the config and src work together.

Thanks a lot


You may want to consider following the way ELRepo builds kmod packages. Template files for el9 are available from https://github.com/elrepo/templates/tree/master/el9.

Do you have the source code in a tar format? It would help if you could share more detailed info as to what kernel driver you are aiming at building.

Hi Thanks for your reply. I finally made the kmod rpms using ddiskit. One more question, I have to make 3 different rpms for 3 kmods, which are closely related with each other. Is there a way to just make one rpm to include multiple kernel modules(.ko)? Thanks