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Following the online manuals and instructions and there is lots of material in them. I got a few questions.

Arbitrary Files

MSI, Files why would I needed these?
Oval, patch definitions to check for vulnerable versions. we need that.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for x86_64

updates/ patches for RHEL8

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

updates/ patches for RHEL7/ Satellite

Red Hat Satellite Capsule

Assuming these are satellite capsule but not needed if no capsule. Not needed for connect/ disconnect satellite. Correct?

Red Hat Software Collection for RHEL Server

What's behind this?

Trying to figure out what is really needed for patching and updating RHEL 7/8. What about RHEL9? What repo would be needed?



Hi Dennis,

I have never ingested MSI files, I can't explain their existence, and I've never had to use them, I've ignored those.

I can get you a list of what I ingest, however, it's lengthy and will take some time. Do not take

Satellite Capsule, if you do not have an actual Satellite Capsule, you do not need this.

Red Hat Software Collection information is here. We use it, but we did not use it initially. See the product description I linked to.

Have you been through some actual Red Hat Satellite training? I seriously recommend this for you. You need at minimum one satellite class or the Red Hat Learning Subscription which includes this and all other training. HOWEVER I'd recommend going with the Red Hat Learning Subscription, it is not much more, and you get ALL training. see this link.


Thanks for your response.

Would it be better (best practice) to create separate Content Views instead of one Content View with all Products? Current content view is close to 170GB.