Self-Hosted Engine Red Hat Virtualization Cost?

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Could I use the Self-Hosted Engine Red Hat Virtualization with my Red Hat Enterprise Linux Developer Suite subscription without having to purchase an additional subscription?


Good day to you Nasheayahu Yashra'al

I suspect you could probably use your up to 16 RHEL developer entitlements program.

However, given your question addresses Red Hat Virtualization - you can double check with Red Hat Sales for that specific question.

You get 16 free entitlements with the developer program (link above) provided your use case fits the specific use case they mention at that link.


Hi RJ,

Unfortunately Red Hat Virtualization is not included in the Red Hat Developer Subscription for Individuals. :)


Hi Nasheayahu,

I agree with RJ regarding the Red Hat Virtualization subscription ... Please contact the Red Hat Sales team in your region. :)


Okay, thanks everyone for your help!....

You're welcome, Nasheayahu ! :)