Patches for older minors e.g. 7.3.

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I'm interested in how patches for older JBOSS EAP versions are provided.
I've seen that there are multiple patches in 2022 for EAP 7.4, but none for 7.3 this year.

Is there no support anymore for 7.3?
Does RedHat provide patches only for the latest minor version (currently 7.4)?

Thank you in advance


Hello and welcome Andreas,

RHEL 7.3 was superseded when RHEL 7.4 was released on 2017-07-31. If you want support for RHEL 7.3, you would have to acquire Extended Update Support, however, I recommend where possible just updating to the most current supported edition. You probably have heard that the most current edition of RHEL 7 is version 7.9, and "maintenance support 2" ends for RHEL 7.9 on June 30, 2024 meaning if you want support (patches, updates) after that, you must buy Extended Update Support.

You can in most cases avert having to buy extended update support by prioritizing and taking the necessary steps to migrate your systems to a current supported version of Red Hat Linux.

Kind Regards,

p.s. Please highly consider going to a supported version of Red Hat. If you are chained to third-party software that mandates you using an ancient non-supported version (not patched, not updated) version of Red Hat, please do what is necessary to migrate to better software that is supported by a viable reputable company that has high regard for security.

Hi Andreas,

The latest minor JBOSS EAP version is 7.4 and that version receives the patches - you should upgrade to JBOSS EAP 7.4.
What RJ told you regarding RHEL is valid for other Red Hat products as well - it's recommended to use the latest editions.
RJ, I think Andreas asks about Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform - and not about Red Hat Enterprise Linux. :)