Disconnected Satellite Installtion

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How to do you Install Satellite Server packages and then install Satellite on a disconnected system?

The instruction requires you to

  • Register Satellite Server to Red Hat Subscription Management service
  • Configure and enable repositories
  • Update the RHEL 7.9 instance and finish server setup

The disconnected Satellite will receive updates from a connected satellite.


Dennis, I believe I posted some of this in a previous discussion.

You probably know this -- Disconnected here in this context means the Red Hat Satellite server will never be able to reach Red Hat proper and you are creating it at a network that does not see the public internet.

You probably are going through this - posting it for reference -- Disconnected installation: The instructions/documentation at Red Hat for installing a disconnected Satellite server are quite clear and while the instructions are certainly lengthy.

You probably know this - but to your question of "Register Satellite Server to Red Hat Subscription Management Server" -- A disconnected satellite is not registered to Red Hat itself, because.... it is disconnected.

To update a disconnected Satellite - you'll have to bring the content-view export from your CONNECTED satellite and appropriately ingest it (see the other post at the other discussion).

Your question about configuring and enabling repos - see last paragraph.

Regarding your statement "The disconnected Satellite will receive updates from a connected satellite." - that's somewhat what I addressed in the other discussion. You have to either suffer the insufferable method of ingesting ISOS [insert scream here] or take the better (in my opinion after years of doing this) of a content-view export from your PUBLIC facing satellite and carrying it to your DISCONNECTED satellite in the manner I described in short terms in the other discussion.

Please in the other discussion, see the link I provided to Rich Jerrido's article at Red Hat that includes a great video on inter-satellite-sync.

Also see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgxDtQvIaaM

Also see this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX2eSzg6ss8 which I mentioned in the other discussion from Rich Jerrido's article here https://access.redhat.com/articles/2390791

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