Source Incompatibilities in recent 8.X kernels

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What is the logic in propagating source incompatibilities in subversion upgrades?

so beegfs has a kernel module that compiles against the installed kernel.

with the 8.5 kernel release a number of the rdma kernel symbols were renamed removing their ib_ prefix.

now with 8.6, kmap_types.h has been deleted altogether as a header file.

The Value of RHEL is the stability, but if our parallel storage doesn't work...
thats not stable- Why not push these updates to the RHEL8 -> RHEL9 transition...


I've run into the same problem too. I have opened a case with Red Hat regarding this.

Regards, Matt.

There are a set of stable-listed symbols which are guaranteed to remain the same. You can find the documentation in RHEL8's kernel-abi-stablelists package.

Any other symbol can change. We also might include changes from upstream which modify file paths as you have found.

You'd understand there's a balance to be struck between providing stable interfaces and incorporating upstream changes. We can't keep the kernel exactly the same, otherwise we would miss some bugfixes and features.

When you're writing software for RHEL kernelspace, these sort of changes are something you have to be aware of too.