ingress and authetication operator degraded

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Authentication operator is degraded due to following error. the adresses in the context is accessible from both outside of the cluster and nodes. I could not access it from ingress-operator pods. Ingress operator is degraded too due to similar reason. It could not complete canary checks. I found following solution . It seems exactly fit to our problem it could not solve though.
any idea ?


OAuthServerRouteEndpointAccessibleControllerDegraded: Get "": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)
ProxyConfigControllerDegraded: endpoint("") found in NO_PROXY(".cluster.local,,.svc,,,,,,,localhost") is unreachable with proxy(Get "": context deadline exceeded) and without proxy(Get "": context deadline exceeded)


Hello ,

I do have the same above issue on one of my case so any ideas or suggestions ?