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If I am looking to implement a production messaging server in an enterprise environment, how do I determine if ActiveMQ or HornetQ is the way to go?

I have developers that are already using EAP and we are looking for a general purpose messaging server to integrate tens of applications. The applications will only be exchanging several thousand messages per day, so it is not high volume.

I believe either will satisfy the requirements but want to better understand when and where I should use each Messaging Server?




From reading your discription, I think that HornetQ hosted inside EAP is going to be a better choice for you. Using that will allow your developers to utilize JCA, inside of the container for transaction management. Also, your developers and systems adminstrators will be easliy able to develop and maintain EAP, because they are used to it.

ActiveMQ is offered a light-weight alternative to EAP, where you don't require all the features of JEE. If you were not already familiar with EAP, and wanted to deploy a messaging broker which was lightweight, and easy to maintain, I would advise to go for ActiveMQ. Currently, we are still working out some kinks with using the ActiveMQ resource adapter adapter inside EAP, so it's still in a tech preview mode.

ActiveMQ might still be a choice if you needed a more robust and scalable messaging solution. From my experience it's easier to setup Highly Available, and scalable messaging systems using ActiveMQ. If this is something you need to consider, and you don't need to use JCA for transaction management, you still might consider ActiveMQ.


Jason Shepherd

Red Hat Middleware Support

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