Configuring JDG cache as a remote, Hot Rod cache store

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Greetings all,

I am trying to configure a cache in JDG 6.1 as a remote cache store for a cache defined in my EAP 6.0.1 server. The cache config from my JDG server is as follows:

<cache-container name="FEI" default-cache="AppProps">
        <distributed-cache mode="ASYNC" owners="1" name="AppProps" start="EAGER">
            <transaction mode="NONE"/>
            <eviction strategy="LRU" max-entries="500"/>
            <!-- Entries are never evicted from cache -->
            <expiration max-idle="-1" lifespan="-1" interval="-1"/>
            <loader class="com.ferguson.appcfg.cacheloader.AppConfigCacheLoader">
                <property name="dsJndiName">java:jboss/datasources/AppCfg</property>

And the cache config on the EAP 6.0.1 side looks as follows:

<cache-container name="AppProperties" default-cache="AppProps" jndi-name="java:jboss/infinispan/container/appProperties" start="EAGER">
    <invalidation-cache mode="ASYNC" name="AppProps" jndi-name="java:jboss/infinispan/cache/appProperties/AppProps">
        <eviction strategy="LRU" max-entries="50"/>
        <expiration max-idle="10800000" lifespan="28800000"/>
         <remote-store cache="AppProps" socket-timeout="60000" tcp-no-delay="true" preload="true" passivation="true" fetch-state="false" purge="false">
            <remote-server outbound-socket-binding="fei-data-grid"/>

But when I start my JDG 6.1 server I am getting the following error. I have gone as far as turing TRACE logging on and see no other messages that would indicate the nature of the problem.

JBAS014775: New missing/unsatisfied dependencies: service jboss.jgroups.stack (missing) dependents: [service, service jboss.infinispan.FEI.config]

I have spent over a day now searching for a solution but have found none. Can anyone shed light on this error?

Thank you in advance for any and all pretinent responses.




Can you add

<extension module=""/>

to your standalone.xml and see if that makes a difference please. Alternatively use the standalone-full-ha.xml to start EAP 6.0.1.