Logout from gnome extremely slow

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I'm trying to fix this problem with 4 of my RHEL 5.3 servers that are all logging out extremely slow (3-5 minutes)

After doing some search lots of posts seem to point at Gnome Power Manager being the issue.
I've disabled and even removed Gnome Power Manager and no luck.
I've gone through the different startup programs and disabled/stopped them one at a time but still no luck.

I recently changed their /etc/resolv.conf to make them look at a new DNS server. I've tried reverting back to old settings but still nothing.

Looking at dmesg and messages I don't see anything that jumps out.

Like I said I am using RHEL 5.3
Gnome Desktop is 2.16.0-1

Anyone have any ideas/suggestions?




Hello Matt,

I recently worked on similar issue faced by one of the customer while logging in to rhel5 system from Windows OS.
In that case, I found firewall sorfware running on Windows was causing problem.
I have documented it in below Kbase:

Exceed Session takes long time to logoff

If this is not exactly the case with you, just refer diagnostic steps section of article to troubleshoot the issue further.
~/.xsession-errors file created in affected user's home directory  might provide some clue. Capture it after logout from gnome session.

Please open the support case if this does not help.


Hey Ashish,

Thank you for the response.
Yeah we do the same thing with using Exceed to access the Linux Servers from our Windows PCs.
Sadly the solution you provided did not fix our issue.

Looking at the logs there is nothing that stands out as an issue.

Going through our KVM the logout is instant so it is a problem with our Exceed/Windows configuration.

Providing some more info from the logs might help someone spot something, but my hunch is that you will need to open a support case for this one as Ashish suggests.