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Will it always be recommended to put hosts in maintenance mode before changing compatibility versions of clusters and data centers?
I hope not.


Hi Par,

Its really not required to put the host into maintenance mode to change the Cluster and DC compatibility.



According to:

I know that's possible to change compatibility without doing the maintenace mode thing. Problem is that I got problem (a known  bug) doing so.
And the support engineer asked if I had taken the maintenance mode steps.

That's why I wonder if this is expected steps in the future upgrades or just a temporary procedure to workaround/minimizing existing problems.

Could you please share a bit about the bug you hit, so that we can evaluate of this is something we should be concerned about when upgrading to v3.2 in a couple of weeks?

Sure. The difference is that we went from 3.0 to 3.1.

That is the bug I hit. Will try to locate the BZ. 

I'm not entirely sure that this bug is related to only changing compatibility version.

Here is one comment from the support ticket:

"Dear Customer.

We have the bugreport filled. The issue is happened if cluster compatibility version has been changed without VM shutdown. 
To classify your issue can you please answer following questions about your infrastructure:
1) Is it upgraded from RHEV 3.1 infrastructure?
2) If yes, did you stop VM while upgrading cluster version? Did you reboot virtual machines after upgrade?"